GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) — A Greenville County food bank is back open and serving the community on Monday.

“We’re open and we’re serving the community,” said HR Director Zeb Young.

Harvest Hope Food Bank was forced to shut down last week, after frozen pipes burst and flooded the building. Monday morning, a line of cars wrapped around the building and volunteers got to work, handing out food to those in need.

“On any given service day, we’re servicing anywhere between 150 and 200 families, and sometimes more. I would expect today we’ll probably service a lot more than the 200 number,” said Young.

Since last week, Young said crews have made progress cleaning the building and ripping out damaged carpet and furniture. He said the water caused a lot of damage, but in some ways, he said they’re lucky.

“The water didn’t go all the way into our warehouse, which was great,” said Young.

He says many boxes of food were saved and sat on top of pallets, which protected them from water on the ground.

“Very minimal food loss that we had which was great for us because we’re still able to serve the community here in Greenville. A lot of the damage that we face is property damage on the inside,” said Young.

Young said they’re grateful for community members who stepped up and donated food and time. He said it helped the food bank be able to restart services as soon as they could.

“Our mission is to stamp out hunger and so it’s so important that we’re here to be able to provide this type of service to those who are in need,” said Young.

Young also said for the next few weeks, food pantry distributions will be drive-thru only. People can stop by from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and must show a valid ID.

People can learn more about how to support the food bank or volunteer here.