CHEROKEE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office is warning people of phone scams circulating around the county.

Sheriff Steve Mueller told 7NEWS his office has received at least five reports of scam phone calls in which the caller claimed to work within the department, at a court or another government office.

Mueller said the caller told the person on the other line that they missed jury duty or had a warrant for their arrest. The alleged scammer then told the person to buy pre-loaded debit or gift cards and give them the card information to avoid being arrested.

“We want our citizens to know this is nothing but a scam,” said Mueller.

According to Mueller, his office has not received any reports of anyone falling victim to the scam. But, he said the scams are becoming creative. The phone calls came from numbers with area codes from the Upstate.

“Often, these numbers are untraceable. They’re spoof numbers. It’s not the actual number they’re calling from even though it shows up on your caller ID.”

Mueller said he does not believe the scammers are targeting a specific group and are instead calling people randomly.

“Just know that law enforcement is never going to call and ask for you to send anything over the telephone when it comes to a missing court date or outstanding warrant. We just simply do not do that.”