GREENVILLE COUNTY, SC (WSPA) – Aside from the North Pole, no doubt the busiest place this week is your local post office or processing and distribution center.

On Tuesday, 7NEWS got a behind the scenes look at how the Greenville Processing & Distribution Center (P&DC), processes mail, ahead of Christmas Day.

Inside P&DC, it’s a well-oiled machine.

“Here in Greenville, since December 1st, we’ve processed 2.1 million packages and parcels through our facility, and we’re excited about that,” said Terry Mayers, Executive Plant Manager at the Greenville Processing and Distribution Center.

“We’ve been doing this for 247 years, and we start planning for the holiday season in January, right after the last holiday ends,” Mayers said.

This week, all the action inside of this facility, is like preparing for a big Super Bowl game.

“Last Monday and yesterday were our busiest two days,” Mayers said. “Last night we processed 187,000 going to the world in total, on equipment, as well as manually. For letter mail, cards and letters, going out last night, we did 810,000. So, it’s absolutely our biggest week that we’ve come into.”

They also process return mail.

“Mail coming into from the world to Greenville, last night we processed 62,000 pieces, and that will continue to increase as we go through this week. As the mail going out of our area started to decrease, we’ll start getting more mail coming in for our customers in our service area,” Mayers said.

While inflation may be putting the pinch on your holiday lists, Mayers said this year, they’re not slowing down.

“Actually, for us in Greenville, we’re one of those sites that has seen an increase as compared to the same period last year,” Mayers said. “We’ve processed on our equipment 581,000 more pieces than the previous year. So, we’ve seen an increase in package and parcel processing.”

Many employees are playing a part in making sure things stay afloat.

“I have 799 employees working diligently day and night, ensuring that we get the mail to our customers,” he said.

“Our letter carriers have been working Sundays, since November the 27th,” said Nikki Johnson, Strategy Communications Specialist at the United States Postal Service.

“The holidays are one of the nearest and dearest precious times for me,” Johnson said.

“I know that we put all hands on deck to make sure that our customers are really included in that experience,” Johnson said. “Our employees love assisting our customers. We love delivering. It’s our time to shine of course.”

Johnson has been working with the U.S. Postal Service for over 20 years.

“For me, I mean, it just put you in the holiday spirit to just know that you’re being a part of a smile of a little kid, or someone who misses a family member,” Johnson said. “Or that special package with a little touch of love on it, it helps us know that we’re doing our jobs.”

“Here in Greenville, we take great pride in, and I have exceptional employees that treat each package as if it’s their own,” Mayers said. “You know, our mission is to serve our customers with the best quality and service in our area.”

As Christmas is right around the corner, they want everyone to pack their patience.

“Just be patient with us. As with any company, we have our time of the year, where we shine, but we also ask for the assistance from our customers to make the transaction very easy,” Johnson said.

Mayers said he expects everything to be shipped for Christmas.

“Everything coming into our facility will be getting processed and delivered on time,” Mayers said. “Everything that we get in, we will be working vigilantly to process for delivery tomorrow through Saturday,” he said.  

Mayers and Johnson also provided mailing tips for everyone.

“I would suggest for those mailing out at this point, priority express up through the 23rd is the best way to go,” Mayers said. “The best advice I can give, address properly. Ensure your packages are secured properly, so that the contents are secured as it goes through our high-speed equipment.”

Johnson also recommends putting an address inside the box or package you’re looking to send, just in case something does come out. She said this will help with a smooth delivery.

Visit their website to learn more about all the important mail-by dates.