GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Greenville City Council has approved the purchase of almost three acres of land on Augusta Street behind Fluor Field for $9.7 million.

Mayor Knox White said the city doesn’t plan to hold the land but rather sell it to a developer.

White said the conditions of the development have to conform to the city’s plan.

“This is kind of an Augusta Road gateway into downtown Greenville and the West End so that’s why we have given it special attention,” White said. “We have these wonderful renderings of what we want to see on the site. It is one of those things when we sell the site, we know what we are going to get.”

 White said the plans include greenspace, walk-ability, restaurants and living space.

White said the city hired an architect that is assisting with a few of Greenville’s future development plans and said this new development aligns with Greenville’s 2040 goals. 

“This is a great example of good planning, intentionality,” White said. “That is what got us where we are today in downtown Greenville. We know what we want.”

 While parking is also a concern for council and residents, White said the development is not centered around parking.

“We have actually worked with several developers in the area to provide 100 new parking spaces around the baseball stadium and other areas,” White said. “Really the whole West End needs parking, not just for baseball but the whole West End. We are still looking for other parking sites for bigger parking garages in the West End. You will see all this come about in 2023. We have a number of sites on our radar.”

The space in the West End currently holds the Greenlink Maintenance Facility. The plan is to move it to a location behind Poinsett Highway in Washington Heights.

We’ve had continuing coverage of the plans to move the greenlink maintenance facility. Currently the neighborhood association has filed an injunction to keep that from happening.