The City of Greenville and its residents have been working together to improve public safety on neighborhood streets through a traffic calming program.

“We have seen really good positive results through the program,” Director of Engineering Services for the City of Greenville Clint Link said. “We get really good responses through our residents. It is a very popular program, we get a lot of interest in it.”

While the city says they provide support, recommendations, and data collection of traffic counts, it is ultimately up to the neighborhoods to go through a voting process to implement traffic safety.

Implementing measures requires a 70% vote of the residents within an area to vote their support of moving forward with a study.

“Once we have that vote done we can move forward with collecting traffic counts along the street and neighborhood in the study area and working with the residents to come up with a plan.” Link said.

Among the traffic calming device categories are landscape medians, traffic circles, roundabouts, curb extensions and alternate parking.

“The most popular measure that we have is our speed humps,” Link said. “Those are installed on the street and basically help control the traffic speeds that are being driven on those streets.”

There are currently 36 active traffic calming studies throughout the City, officials say there is no limit to how many neighborhoods they can help make safer. 

For more information about the traffic calming program, click here.