GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)- Planning continues for projects in Greenville. The airport district is a project that city leaders say they have been working on for a long time. The focus area is around the Greenville Downtown Airport and Convention Center.

The City council tells us the airport district masterplan will aid in livability and growth for the area. Plans to accomplish that include pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, traffic safety improvements, swamp rabbit trail connections, a skate park, and a runway viewing platform.

“This was an idea that was conceived of around 2021 between me and the former city manager,” City council member at large, Dorothy Dowe said. “I am the liaison to the Greenville Downtown Airport for City Council and did see a lot of potential for this land and wanted the City to partner with the airport commission to see the potential that we could come up with together.”

This project could also potentially house living space, retail, and dining.

The planning commission held several public hearings for this project. We’re told the major ask of those who attended those meetings was for an affordable grocery store.

“It always comes first with the planning and the vision and the next thing is the budgeting for it,” Dowe said. “This helps us address the budgeting priorities to develop that area and our ability to attract local investment to develop some of the amenities that are important to the people here.”

The city tells us priority projects could also include improvements to surrounding corridors in areas like Pleasantburg Drive, Laurens Road, and Haywood Road.

They say prioritizing this project is important, calling this area of the city an economic engine.

“It is good for business in Greenville but also it is nestled right in some of our established neighborhoods,” Dowe said. “We have to protect the quality of life for people who are living in those neighborhoods but foster the economic development potential of the area.”

Plans for the project are expected to be discussed at the next planning commission before going to the council for adoption of the master plan. 

The city is still asking for feedback from the public. You can fill out a survey of what you would like to see here.