GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Prisma Health announced a $1M investment to fund the Prisma Health Welcome Center in Unity Park.

Mayor Knox White says the effort was a public-private partnership that honors the history of this space.

The vision of Unity Park is becoming a reality. With families, businesses, and the outdoors coming together.

“We’re trying to bring people together a gathering spot different friends family around food and drink,”  Pangea Brewing founder Steve Schofield said. 

The brewery opened seven months ago and he says the growth around his business has been amazing.

“We’re excited to have more people coming through we’re adding more stuff ourselves,” Schofield said.

And now, a new part of the park has been unveiled. The new welcome center, to elevate the 60-acre green space.

“We have an opportunity to do what other cities didn’t do we have the opportunity to get it right and that’s what we’re gonna do,” White said.

The 10,000 square foot welcome center will be funded by a donation from Prisma Health. Inside will be a first aid station, a lactation room, and a public gathering space.

“Unity Park is knitting our community together fostering a sense of belonging  and honoring the richest of greenville and the surrounding neighborhood,” Prisma Health President and CEO Mark O’Halla said.

Those who live in the Southside neighborhood are happy to see the city making this space beautiful.

“If you look at what’s there now and what was there before yesterday it’s almost impossible to build but it’s a dream,” Mary Duckett, president of Southernside Neighborhood Association, said.

Schofield says a welcome center will tie the whole thing together.

“In general bringing more people to the area and more people to Greenville as a tourist area is great for Greenville in general,” he said.

Prisma Health also plans to host educational health programs in the welcome center once the space is finished.

The health system says they will also hold programs at the center.

Unity Park, located along the Reedy River near South Hudson Street, is expected to open in the spring of 2022 after more than two years of construction.

The 60-acre park includes three new bridges over the river; the largest of which is the 165-foot Auro Bridge.

The park will also have a playground and splash pad.