GREER, S.C. (WSPA) — The City of Greer is looking to improve its parking and traffic flow downtown as it anticipates more growth.

“The city has been growing quickly,” Heather Stahl, a Greer city planner, said. “On Trade Street and downtown, in particular, we’re seeing a lot of new businesses come in.  Park View Apartments are getting ready to open. I think we’re all going to notice the changes in traffic when that happens.”

The city will hold a public meeting Thursday, August 15 to present plans to help traffic flow better on some of its busiest streets.

Areas of interest include Cannon Street, the intersection of Main Street at Poinsett Street, Poinsett Street and Line Street.

City planners are also looking at how and where they can add more parking.

“We really want to collect public feedback,” Stahl said. “We want to know where people are parking now and where they want to park. We want to know, confidently moving forward, that we are doing the best we can to provide our residents with an easy, convenient way to move about downtown, to get to work and come downtown to eat and play.”

Once the city receives feedback from residents, they will work on a plan to increase parking. They hope it will help Greer continue to attract visitors and new residents.

“The idea is accessibility,” Stahl said. “We want it to be accessible and easy to get around downtown.”

The public meeting will be held in Greer City Hall, Hall A from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursday, August 17.