SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – The City of Spartanburg wants to know how to fill open jobs and whether the problem is financial.

The city council voted to conduct a compensation study in 2023.

Spartanburg City officials said this study will help them get current data to make sure the wages they pay are both fair and competitive, compared to other counties and cities.

The 2023 compensation study is a tool for the city to see where they are with hiring and retaining people.

“It’s important for us to understand what other positions in other communities, other local governments, in the private sector, what those positions are being paid,” said Meghan Smith.

Even with being short-staffed in different departments, councilwoman Meghan Smith said services are not being negatively impacted.

“While everybody, I think, is being hit right now with employment type issues, I don’t believe anyone has seen any sort of slow down or any sort of impact of city services,” she said.

Council voted to approve a $49,000 contract with the consultant firm, Management Advisory Group International, Inc.

This doesn’t mean a pay raise is definite, but it is a first step.

“I think everybody, across the board, is struggling to find and keep good people, and so, we’re really hopeful that this study will help us to be able to do that,” said Smith.

The city has done salary adjustments in the past few years, to meet the needs of departments.

“To try and make our police compensation more competitive, we’ve taken steps to increase fire compensation, as well,” said Jamie Fulmer.

Councilman Jamie Fulmer said this study is a holistic approach.

“So we can make sure we’re not just putting Band-Aids around different departments, we’re really looking at the team as a whole,” he said.

This study is for all departments and the data collected over the next four months will help the city see where they are compensation wise.

“We’ll then have to make some decisions on what that analysis finds,” said Smith.

The consulting firm will also be looking at the current job descriptions to make sure they accurately describe the skills and knowledge needed.