SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA)- The City of Spartanburg Fire Department spent the day Friday going through their 3rd annual training for new fire fighters, teaching them how to jump out of windows during an emergency.

“This morning we were issued our bail out kits and were shown how to pack them and use them,” firefighter Zachary Cummings said.

The day is dedicated to training new fire fighters on how to bail out of a burning building, in case they can’t get out using a normal exit.

The department says this is a last resort escape, but it’s critical they know how to do it properly.

The station says they started doing this training three years ago, after they received a grant to get the equipment and two-story building simulations.

“Having this training and this gear and this equipment gives us that option that if we can’t do anymore and we’re trapped, to actually get out and save ourselves,” Cummings said.

The department says they’re one of the only fire stations in the state to do this training.

“It’s definitely a recruitment tool. People that are excited about the job are more inclined to want to work for a department that does that,” Lieutenant Brad Stio said.

In the past, they’ve even gotten firefighters to come work for them through social media posts of the training.

“The fact that we take a lot of pictures and post them on social media, it really does draw some people to say hey I want to work for that fire department,” Stio said.

Veteran firefighters at the station also participate in the training, just to get a refresher on proper procedures.