SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – If you look around the city of Spartanburg you may notice more trees.

The city is partnering with a foundation to plant several trees in the downtown area. Chris George, with the city, said the Noble Tree Foundation is planting over 1,000 trees throughout Spartanburg County.

Most of the trees being planted are throughout different school districts in the county.

The Foundation’s work is in the downtown area, as well. George said the trees on Wall Street were just planted by the Foundation.

George said the Foundation looked at trees that survive in similar climates, like Augusta, Georgia, and picked the Chinese Pistache.

“They’re genetically identical, so they know that they will thrive here and will grow well here. They will provide shade and clean air for folks coming through Downtown,” he said.

George said the Foundation has helped them plant a variety of trees. From the Mary Black Foundation Rail Trail, Barnet Park, and future trees coming to Morgan Square.

The city usually puts forward grant money in exchange for the Foundation’s expertise.