CLEMSON, S.C. (WSPA) — The City of Clemson is discussing plans to renovate two parks and build a trail system.

At Monday night’s meeting, the city council discussed funding options for the projects, which include enhancing Clemson Park and Nettles Park as well as building a portion of the Green Crescent Trail.

The following are the proposed enhancements:

  • Nettles Park – 56 paved parking spaces and eight dedicated Pickle Ball Courts with lights, a covered gathering area and a dog park. Estimated cost is $1,283,000.
  • Clemson Park – Skate park feature, splash pad, drainage improvements and a building renovation to include a warming kitchen and event staging area. Estimated cost is $2,237,000.
  • Green Crescent Trail – Approximately 2.75 miles of trail running along 18-Mile Creek, connecting Patrick Square to the Road 18 side of the Grange. Estimated cost is $3,134,014.

“I think their [city council] heads and hearts are in the right place, in terms of promoting quality of life through outdoor recreation,” Brandon Cruz, the owner of Cruz Outdoors, said.

The nonprofit organization, Skate Upstate, has been working with the city to bring a skate park to Clemson. They have raised about $15,000 so far to help fund construction of the skate park.

“Skateboarders are an underserved group of kids and youth in our area,” Peter Hyatt, the president of Skate Upstate, said. “We have wonderful soccer fields and tennis courts. There’s not a skateboard park within an hour and a half’s drive of Clemson. This is really going to meet a need for a lot of kids and youth.”

City Council was scheduled to vote on a second reading of a special obligation bond ordinance to fund the projects, but they decided to postpone the vote.