CLEMSON, S.C. (WSPA) – A Clemson student won $10,000 Saturday afternoon after winning the ‘Drain the Putt’ Challenge during halftime of the men’s basketball game.

The challenge is put on by Roto-Rooter, which challenges a student to sink a 94-foot putt on their first try.

Clemson freshman Kevin Murphy did just that Saturday afternoon in Littlejohn Coliseum and won $10,000.

It was a basketball game Murphy, a freshman at Clemson wasn’t planning on going to.

“We almost didn’t even show up, but we showed up, got in the student section right behind the DJ,” Murphy said.

However, it ended up paying off, literally.

“We were just having a lot of fun. I was pouring popcorn on my head and stuff. And then they came up and were like do you want to do the put thing and I was like yeah,” Murphy said.

The putt-putt game is where a fan is asked to make a putt from one end of the court to the other if you make it, you walk away with $10,000.

“As I was walking out there, I didn’t feel any pressure because I was like, there’s no way I hit this,” Murphy said.

Murphy told 7 News he doesn’t even play golf that much and is an average putter at best, but he wasn’t going to let his lack of experience keep him from shooting his shot.

Murphy hit the ball it went down the court, and when the crowd erupted, Murphy said he knew made it.

A feeling he says he’ll never forget.

“Right when I hit it, I was like oh that felt good. I still had a little bit of doubt, and it kept going. It went left and I was just like oh come back a little bit and it came back and went into the hole,” Murphy said.

As far as what murphy is doing with the 10 grand, Murphy says mother knows best.

“I immediately called my parents right after and my mom was like you’re going to give it to your dad and save it all, so I was like alright that’s cool, so I’ll probably just save it. Put it towards tuition,” Murphy said.

The Clemson Tigers went on to defeat Virginia Tech 51-50.