CLEMSON, S.C. (WSPA) – For the past 30 years, The Pickens County Habitat for Humanity volunteers have partnered with Clemson University’s campus chapter to build a Habitat for Humanity house. 

According to Pickens County Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Coordinator, Tamera Dourney, over the past seven days, students have been working on everything from the foundation to the roof. 

“The students are in charge of all of the organization’s fundraising, the ordering of supplies, everything so it really is a testament to what they can achieve,” said Dourney. 

She explained that volunteering is giving the opportunity to experience what it’s like to participate in community service. 

“We find that when they do participate they become lifelong volunteers,” said Dourney. 

Will Bavin, a Clemson student volunteer, is in charge of coordinating this year’s build for the student chapter. 

“It’s rewarding being able to just do something that’s so unique and also so meaningful. I’ve always said that the university is an extension of where we live, not necessarily the other way around, so being able to get back to this local community means everything to me,” said Bavin. 

According to Bavin, raising awareness about the need for affordable housing is the goal. 

“Every nail you put in every piece you throw up every wall you throw up it just means it means more than just building for someone who is paying for a house,” said Bavin. 

He said once the exterior of the house is completed, it will get shipped to its final destination where the volunteers will begin working on the inside of the house. 

Tamera Dourney described the volunteer experience as “no other”. 

“There is nothing better than the moment that you get to see a family enter their home for the first time. Handing over the keys is just such an amazing, absolutely amazing experience,” said Dourney.

The volunteers said the exterior of the house will be finished on Friday, October 6.