CLEMSON, S.C. (WSPA) – On Saturday, fans will have waited more than 290 days for Clemson football to return to Death Valley.

As fans eagerly await for the Tigers’ return, Clemson’s athletic staff said they are also excited to finally show off the first completed phase of their $65 million project.

In a few days, the now quiet atmosphere inside Death Valley will look much different. The energy of college football will return for the Tigers’ home opener.

On the field, it’s no surprise that Clemson is chasing rings. To mirror that drive, fans will have the ability to soak in a new, upgraded atmosphere.

“That design and that experience for all 80,000 we’re really, really excited about,” said Graham Neff, Athletic Director, Clemson University.

Neff said part of the first phase of the university’s project will be unveiled Saturday. That includes a video board that is now five times larger and 20 times the resolution than the previous one. It will also have a tiger that rests on top that will light up and move its tail when Clemson scores.

“It’s been a long time coming. The ten years that the prior board was here, served its useful life and the Valley great,” said Neff. “The interesting thing is, while this isn’t the biggest board by dimensions in the country, I think it’s the eighth largest. The proximity of the board to the field right above the hill, the proportionality of it, we think it’s the biggest in the country.”

The upgraded video board is not the only new feature fans will encounter. They will also see new stadium lights, additions to the Ring of Honor, concessions, some bathrooms, and hear the electric atmosphere through a new sound system.

Athletic Director Graham Neff told 7NEWS it is all apart of a long-term goal to invest in the program and it’s fans.

“We have an incredible experience, tailgating experience throughout the gameday. And so the intentionality that will continue to invest for a fan standpoint is very much by design,” Neff said.

That continues this season Saturday.

“It’s adding to our portfolio and design. We are really excited to kick this off. Obviously with that success, we are already starting to think about what’s next with the stadium,” said Neff.

You can see all of the new upgrades in Death Valley at Clemson’s first home game of the season on September 10.

The Tigers are slated to host Furman. Kickoff is set for 3:30 p.m.

The second phase of the $65 million project, including upgrades to the Tiger Walk and more, is expected to begin this Fall.