GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – A cheerleading coach and his family are denying claims of his involvement in sexual abuse listed in a civil lawsuit against Rockstar Cheer.

Kenny Feeley was named in the latest lawsuit, along with five other coaches.

Five of the six named coaches were employed by Rockstar Cheer, the lawsuit states.

Red Banyan, a public relations agency in Florida, released a statement on behalf of Feeley and his family stating, “We are dismayed and frankly stunned by these accusations, and to be clear, the claim is categorically false.”

Below is the full statement:

“Although we have not yet been formally notified, it has come to our attention that Kenny has been named, among others, in a wide-ranging civil lawsuit alleging a past instance of improper conduct, at some point in his career, by an anonymous individual.

We are dismayed and frankly stunned by these accusations, and to be clear, the claim is categorically false. Kenny has always, and will always conduct himself with integrity and professionalism, and his loving family and community stand by him with their fullest support.

As always—we remain steadfast in our convictions as long-standing advocates for greater safety, transparency, and protections for all athletes in cheerleading, while we vigorously defend Kenny’s reputation against this unsubstantiated claim, and related inaccuracies and mistruths.”

Kenneth Feeley and Family

The first lawsuit was filed on Sept. 1 against Rockstar Cheer, Rockstar owners Scott and Kathy Foster, Varsity Spirit, the U.S. All Star Federation, and others alleging a criminal conspiracy to subject teenage athletes to mental, physical, and sexual abuse while collecting billions in profits.

In an interview last week, an attorney representing the victims said their law firm has substantial evidence to prove their claims.

“We have seen evidence of and heard stories of the plaintiff of long standing sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional and mental abuse at the hands of coaches, gym owners, other athletes,” said Alexandra Benevento, Strom Law Firm.

“Girls, boys, young men and women were abused by the people in power who are supposed to be protecting them.”

Since the allegations have come to light, many Rockstar Cheer organizations across the country have disassociated and changed their names.

Attorneys in the most recent case said state and federal agencies are investigating.