SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – With cold weather in the forecast, local shelters are preparing to provide a warm place to stay and a hot meal; all while county officials are preparing trucks to brine the roads to keep drivers safe.

Miracle Hill has been serving the Spartanburg community for newly 80 years.

When a special flag goes up, it’s a signal that the shelter is open and with cold weather coming this weekend, the shelter is expected to be full.  

Miracle Hill opening their cold weather shelter when temperatures drop to 40 degrees or below.

“I don’t want anybody to suffer out in the cold and there’s someone, people are here and willing to give them a hot meal and a hot shower and a place to bed down.” Spartanburg Rescue Mission Facilities Director, Matt Summey said.

The initial space holds 44 beds, but the facility has a few overflow rooms, with designated spaces for women, children and men.

Miracle Hill has 40 regulars who have already been coming, now the shelter is anticipating even more this weekend. 

“You have no requirements just show up we’re going to give you a hot meal and then we’re going to bed you down for the night and then as this storm or whatever continues to go on we’re going to be here with the people and we’re going to make sure that people have a warm place to stay.” Summey said.

County officials are keeping a close eye on the forecast, preparing trucks to spread brine where needed.

“…we tend to focus on bridges first , because they ice over first then we move on to our main thru roads and then our secondary roads.”  

Spartanburg County Communications ManageR

Agencies will start meeting on Friday with emergency management to finalize their weekend plan.

In the meantime, those who need a place to stay can find one at Miracle Hill and other local shelters.

“You don’t have to be homeless to take advantage of the cold weather shelter, if you don’t have heat in your home and you need a safe place to stay this shelter is open to you.” Summey said.

Normal hours for shelter are 7 p.m. to 8 a.m., however with freezing temperatures this weekend the shelter plans to stay open 24 hours and will do so until the temperature gets warmer.