SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – The City of Spartanburg is one step closer to deciding the future of Morgan Square.

A portion of West Main Street has been closed to traffic since 2020, and council has voted to keep it that way over the past two years.

With the decision still in the air, during Monday night’s meeting, city council unanimously approved the creation of the Morgan Square Redevelopment Committee.

The committee will hear from the community and give their recommendations to council.

“This committee is going to be tasked with leading a public process to gather information about a square redesign, they’re going to engage with some design professionals,” said Chris George.

George, with the city, said committee members will discuss a number of possible changes.

“Which could be, you know, minor upgrades or could be more of a major renovation,” said George.

He said they’re bringing together a diverse group of people for the committee.

“In terms of background, experience, but also a diversity of opinion,” said George.

One of them is small business owner Tori LeRoy. She said re-opening the road would be better for business.

“We would have more drive thru traffic, people realizing, ‘Oh, this new restaurant’s here. Oh, this new business is here, let me stop let me spend time.’ So, it would be good,” said LeRoy.

While other members, like William Gray, said there are many options for the Square.

“You look at certain squares or certain public spaces that have no vehicular traffic and it allows for a concentration of people to convene and mingle and spend money or do whatever they want to downtown,” said Gray.

George said whether the street remains closed or re-opens, that’s just one piece of the puzzle.

“Really, it’s about the future of the square, in a broader sense, with more permanence, and the question about what to do with the street right now is kind of a separate issue,” he said.

He said the committee will spend the next 6 to 12 months gathering information.

“This committee has really been tasked with getting public input and making sure this is guided in the right direction,” said Gray.

“I’m looking forward to hearing all the view points and just coming up with something that’s the best for all of Spartanburg,” said LeRoy.

City Council will vote on whether to re-open or keep the street closed on August 8.

George said a possibility council is considering is doing a hybrid version, where they would keep the street closed during the warmer months and re-open it during colder ones.

Council will also decide how long the street will remain either open or closed.

George said how the committee will get feedback from the public is one of the first things that’s going to be decided.