GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – Some members of the community addressed the Greenville County Schools Board of Trustees about school safety and security Tuesday night.

The community members spoke during the public comments section of Tuesday’s board meeting.

Some people talked about putting metal detectors or other security measures in schools. There’s even a petition going around addressing the topic.

An executive session was held prior to the board meeting. School safety and security were on the executive session agenda, which means it was discussed behind closed doors, instead of in front of the public.

Some residents broached the subject with the board themselves. Community activist Traci Fant asked the district to implement a pilot metal detector program.

During the public board meeting, Fant mentioned a petition that was started about four years ago.

Fant said the petition now has more than 4,000 signatures.

Fant hopes the district will address this matter following the Tanglewood Middle School shooting and other mass shootings in the state.

“We’ve already had one child’s life taken in this community and I know that metal detectors aren’t a quick fix,” Fant said. “We do understand that metal detectors are not a quick fix, however, it’s a deterrent and that’s what we need to put in place. Anything that would deter a young person from bringing a gun into a school.”

7News recently sat down with Superintendent Dr. Burke Royster, who said they don’t believe metal detectors will help, as much as a change in society.

A board trustee member said the district already has a lot of security measures in place and is looking at some other options.

“We have to look at different options, and you know with us having a teacher shortage and the staffs and everything, you would have to have somebody there to monitor the metal detectors and all of that. So, you know, they’re looking at different options and whichever one is the best option, whether it be metal detectors or some other kind of security measure–we’re looking at all of them,” said Michelle Goodwin-Calwile, Greenville County Schools Board of Trustee, Area 25.

“That’s what the district is looking at and they’re going to bring what options they have into us and we’ll look at what’s best for the school district and what’s best for the students because we want all students to be safe–students and safe to be safe, any time they step foot on a campus, district office or the schools at the events or anything,” Goodwin-Calwile said.