ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA)- The concern for homelessness in Anderson is greater than ever.

“We do have a crisis here,” Vice President of Programs for Aim Jordan Evans said.

Other cities in the upstate like Greenville and Spartanburg say they’re seeing the same thing.

“We definitely saw an uptick in people we’ve never served before, which started to kind of put some red flags for our programs,” Evans said.

People who work with the homeless community in Anderson say it stems from several factors.

“We only have one shelter, one emergency shelter in all of Anderson County. So, we have 200,000 people that live here, and we have one shelter that can house 42 people,” Coordinator for Anderson County Resource Guide Zoe Hale said.

Other factors include not enough resources for people with disabilities. Also, inflation.

Hale said, “If you’re a senior on a fixed income and you’re paying rent, rent keeps going up and you get dislodged. Or if you’re a senior and you own your own house, but you have a fixed income and utilities keep going up, then you could get displaced because you can’t pay your housing.”

Two ministries in the county, AIM and Hope Mission say they’re working with both city and county council to target more resources, especially for people with disabilities.

“Our big focus is to keep people in housing as much as we can, to serve as many applicants as we can and to give out every single cent of funding that’s available. So, on one hand that’s what we’re focused on, on the other hand too is that we know there’s a gap in being able to find permanent more stable housing for our folks,” Evans said.

Those two organizations say the best way to help someone who is experiencing homelessness is to donate food or give money to organizations that provide them resources.