SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – The Confederate flag flying alongside I-85 in Spartanburg County was taken down Wednesday.

The Confederate flag caught the attention of many 7NEWS viewers. The flag and pole belong to the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

The flag has been replaced with the South Carolina state flag.

The group was cited and has until Nov. 10 to either remove the flagpole or obtain a permit and lower it to 30 feet.

While flying the Confederate flag is not illegal, Spartanburg County leaders said the flagpole violates the 1999 Land Use Ordinance since there’s no home or business on the property.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans released the following statement about the flag change:

As a historical honor society focused upon the southern soldier, we have great respect and appreciation for a wide range of historical flags ranging from the Revolutionary War to the War Between the States. It is our intention to fly in rotation a wide variety of historical flags familiar to our region and people. We hope that the rotation of flags at our Memorial Park may invoke thought, along with interest and study in the history of the south and our nation at large. 

We are currently flying a version of the South Carolina State Flag. Most people are not aware that South Carolina does not have an official state flag. The shape of the palmetto tree as well as the placement and size of the crescent is left up to person that makes the flag.  

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