SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA)- A new 136-room Marriott-branded hotel on St. John Street in downtown Spartanburg is something city leaders call necessary, as Spartanburg only continues to grow and welcome more business.

“We have over $700 million of investment that’s going to be coming in a few blocks of downtown Spartanburg,” said Christopher George, Communications and Marketing Manager for the city of Spartanburg.

City officials said they needed a new hotel to accommodate the growth. Now construction is underway on the new hotel, the Fairfield Inn.

“We need more hotel capacity, that’s why seeing this come online will be so huge for us,” said George.

George said the city is facing some issues when it comes to housing new guests.

“Anytime there’s any event in the city at all, even something very small, our hotels are booked to capacity, in fact they are booked to capacity when there isn’t an event going on,” said George. “There’s definitely a need downtown for more hotels.”

For those who live and work in Spartanburg, the growth comes as no surprise.

“You walk down Main street and you see all the signs of all these future planned developments so it’s no secret that Spartanburg is on the rise,” said John Pakulski, who works in Spartanburg.

The hotel will use up to 140 parking spaces at a nearby parking garage, and the building is scheduled to be finished by late 2024.