PIEDMONT, S.C. (WSPA) – The Anderson County Special Projects team and ADC Engineering of Greenville are in the first phase of creating a 30 acre park. 

The first phase is to build the road into the park, add a parking lot as well as a boat ramp and kayak launch dock. 

Anderson County Special Project Manager Jon Caime said the residential area is growing and has added new business and restaurants. He said by creating this park, it will build onto that quality of life. 

“It’ll be a part of the Saluda River Blue Way so you could put in at Dolly Cooper Park up at the Pickens County line and you could float down at the park right at the town at Piedmont. This area is just booming and they don’t really have a park so people are really excited about this coming,” said Caime.

Marsha Rogers has lived in Piedmont her entire life and loves watching the area flourish. 

“I think it will benefit our community so much because this will spur other projects along the river and I feel like the river is what connects our two counties and I think it’s like a ticket to a bigger and better place,” Rogers.

The Anderson Special Projects team said the park should be open by this time next year.