SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) — Spartanburg County leaders are asking drivers to be mindful of construction crews at the courthouse.

“We are super excited to get in this courthouse,” said Amy Cox, the clerk of court for Spartanburg County.

County leaders said there are about 100 workers at the courthouse everyday, but over the next few weeks, work will ramp up and more crews will be on site.

“Next week, when you drive by the construction site, you’re going to see a difference, you’re going to see more people working and you’re going to see walls finally going up,” said Scottie Kay Blackwell, the county communications manager.

As the project progresses, more equipment, materials, and manpower will soon be on site.

“Starting on Monday, we’re going to have about 150 construction workers on site,” said Blackwell.

It means the courthouse and construction zone will be busy.

“Give yourself more time to get to court, to get to work because there’s going to be trucks, there’s going to be more people, there’s going to be more of everything going on around the courthouse,” said Cox.

County leaders also expect more people to be out in the area.

“This is a construction site, we are very close to this building going up, so please be mindful of that,” said Cox.

They also said big deliveries could slow down traffic.

“No matter where you go, if you go around the corner, take it slow and expect to have to stop,” said Cox.

They’re encouraging people to be safe and pay attention to their surroundings, whether they’re on the road or on foot.

“Always be careful when you come around corners, there’s always a construction crew doing things at every little turn here,” said Cox.

County leaders also said the construction project is on track and they expect to move into the new courthouse in October 2023.