SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) — Some Upstate school districts are taking a proactive approach to growth in the area, by approving new projects to stay ahead of the curve.

At some Spartanburg District 2 schools, construction is already underway.

“They broke ground Monday and they have been rocking and rolling over the last couple days,” said Chesnee Elementary School Principal Kristen Senn.

District 2 is growing and so are its schools.

“There has been tremendous growth in our district, and I think that speaks to just how great our schools are,” said Senn.

Last month, the school board approved new additions at Oakland and Chesnee Elementary Schools.

“It’s extremely important that we ensure that we can accommodate all the students that are coming,” said Senn.

The district is also upgrading softball facilities at Chesnee High School. Eight new classrooms will be added at Oakland Elementary and 10 at Chesnee Elementary.

“We’re in a good position right now, but we see that growth and the trend that’s coming,” said Senn.

It’s part of a proactive approach to expand schools, as the area grows.

District leaders said they’ve added 1,300 new students in the district in the past two years.

“We continue to draw in families and really over the last few years, it seems like each year, I [Chesnee Elementary] grow about 25 or more kids, which is an entire classroom,” said Senn.

Senn believes it’s important to stay ahead of the curve, to give students a safe and productive learning environment.

“It keeps us prepared for what’s coming and we’re not having to try to catch up as we continue to grow,” said Senn.

District leaders said they hope to have the new classrooms finished by May and ready for the next school year. Softball facilities at Chesnee High School should also be ready to go for the upcoming season.

The project at Chesnee Elementary is budgeted for $4.5 million. At Oakland Elementary, nearly $4 million is budgeted.

School leaders have also approved and completed other projects in the district, to meet growth in the area.

Shoally Creek Elementary and Boiling Springs High School were recently constructed, a new classroom wing was added to Rainbow Lake Middle School, and Sugar Ridge Elementary was repurposed and renovated to be a K-5 school.