GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Last month controversy sparked as the Greenville Library Board discussed gender identity books being moved from the children’s section. While the board did not discuss the topic Monday many in attendance did.

On March 27th the board voted unanimously to relocate books that deal with rape, pedophilia, and sex to the adult section. However, a decision about books dealing with gender transition ideologies being moved was sent back to the library materials committee for review.

Board members tell us that section of their ‘collection development and maintenance policy’ is still under review but those in attendance spoke strongly on what they believe.

“I do know what scripture says in Genesis,” A speaker in favor of the books being moved said. “God has created male and female. I know as a father I have a responsibility. I am asking that you would take your responsibility very seriously when you consider the placement of material that has the potential to bring much damage and much harm.”

Those in favor of gender identity books staying in the children’s section spoke to board members as well saying they felt the board’s actions sent a message that Greenville County is still unsafe for the LGBTQ community. 

“This is problematic and hateful because it treats trans people as something shameful and to be hidden away until parents are ready for children to learn about their existence.”

“A queer child will not ask those very conservative parents for these books that you have hidden or are going to hide away. Your actions have sent the message that Greenville County is still unsafe for the LGBTQ+ community.” Those in favor of the books staying said.

The board did not respond to their comments during the meeting. When we asked the library board for comment they told us the decision is still under review with the materials committee.