SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Converse University opened the doors to its new Valkyrie Supply which offers struggling students a full pantry, personal hygiene products and professional clothes.

Before the Valkyrie Supply, all of these items were located in different locations on campus, so organizers made it a one-stop shop for students who need them.

It’s located in the Montgomery Student Center. Associate Provost for Student Success Will Case said they made it all in one location in hopes students would feel more comfortable utilizing it.

The University Chaplain Rev. Eliza Smith DeBevoise said food insecurity is a national problem in schools and the University wanted to get in front of that issue.

DeBevoise said “We felt the need for this project because we know it’s a national issue. Swipe Out Hunger tells us one and three college students nationally experience food insecurity.”

Students are able to grab food from the pantry and stock up on any personal hygiene items, but they can also take free business or professional clothes from the career closet.

With the opportunity to expand their professional wardrobe, it can help them feel more confident when they’re ready to make their way into the professional world.

“We give students what they need as far as professional competencies, the knowledge base,” said Tori Good the Executive Director of Career Development, “but if you don’t have those basic needs, we know they can’t show up their best.”

The supply room relies a lot on the community’s help to keep it replenished and they said donations are always welcome.

Supplies available and supplies needed are always posted and you can find them here.