GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)- Election Day usually means long lines and wait times, but it was an extra-long night at the Greenville County election headquarters after several issues at the polls.

Voters waited for hours to cast their ballots.

Greenville County Elections Director, Conway Belangia said some people didn’t have the right address on their voter registration, and it was a process to get it changed.

“We had people here, correcting their address, just like a polling place,” Belangia said. “We don’t run any totals until those voters have finished voting because we don’t want them to be influenced by anything we post on the wall.”

Then later in the night on Tuesday, Belangia announced a major technological issue.

“That encrypted thumb drive corrupted,” Belangia said.

That thumb drive lost all of the absentee voting data, which forced them to have to recount absentee ballots, then count the in-person votes from election night, adding 4 hours.

“We finished about 4:00 this morning and published our numbers, but that’s sort of the animal of elections,” Belangia said.

However, even though it was a long night, Belangia said it’s more important they have it right, instead of being quick.

“We have always emphasized accuracy over speed, even if that means a little bit of a delay. I’d rather have a little bit of a delay because accuracy is important. We need the voters and citizens of Greenville County to feel good about what he do and how we do,” Belangia said.

Belangia says they’ll all be able to breathe a sigh of relief on Friday, when all the results are certified.