PENDELTON, S.C. (WSPA) – Country music star Lee Brice is in the Upstate this weekend and was serving up some Bojangles biscuits in his former college town on Friday.

“Not just Clemson but this Bojangles, it’s like I’ve spent so much time here,” said Lee Brice, country music singer. “This whole area, so it’s a part of my life so it’s really cool to bring the family back and that’s what’s important to me.”

Customers were shocked to see who was behind the drive-through window and in the kitchen rolling the biscuits, something Brice said was more fun than he thought it would be.

“The head biscuit maker, she made it so easy she really did,” said Brice. “I was trying to take it all in and retain it so I can go home and make the biscuits. But they keep them simple, that’s why they’re so special they’re like grandma’s biscuits.”

Fans like Mark and Hazel Modica drove from as far as Charleston to meet the country singer.

“Lee Brice was going to be here so we did a quick detour and turned in and here we are,” said Hazel Modica, a fan.

Being back in his home state of South Carolina is nostalgic for Brice, and for who he said he used to be when eating at this particular Bojangles.

“Being back here, it’s kind of like, well I remember driving by going, one day I’m going to come back to this town and everybody’s going to want to see me play music,” said Brice.

Years later he’s considered an icon in Clemson, where community members said they feel proud he’s a former tiger.

“I love Lee Brice, I mean number one, he’s a Clemson football player,” said Modica. “How can you not love him? We love his music, we love everything he’s put out.” 

Brice said he and his family will be the first tailgaters at the game Saturday, and hopes the Tigers come out with a win.

“Notre Dame better comes ready to play because you’re in Death Valley, I mean c’mon,” said Brice.