GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)- Emergency crews responded to several calls for water-related rescues and emergencies Wednesday morning, including one for two dogs.

Many Greenville County residents woke up Wednesday morning to high waters and closed roads after heavy rain dumped over the area.

“Whenever there are any flash flooding or rains happening and the creeks and rivers swell, don’t try to drive through any water on the roadways,” said Assistant Chief Aaron Spring, Greenville City Fire Department.

Assistant Chief Spring spoke to 7NEWS hours after the city said two people were rescued from their vehicle near Halton and Haywood Road after being trapped in flood waters.

Across town near Stone Avenue, there was a search for two dogs that were swept underwater behind the Richland Creek Animal Clinic.

“On my way in I got a call that the fire department was there, and we were going to have to close down for the day,” said Jordan Bennett, manager at Richland Creek Animal Clinic.

“It’s real easy to underestimate the power of water flowing. Dogs sometimes do the same thing. They fall in sometimes and unfortunately… we had several trucks and rescue crews out here, but we were unable to locate them,” said Spring.

According to the animal clinic, the two dogs, Oakley and Sprout, escaped from their owner and ran.

“The dogs got out of the owner’s car and jumped into the creek immediately and went under the bridge. We haven’t seen them since,” said Bennett.

Bennett said the owner, who is a vet at the clinic, jumped into the water to try to rescue the dogs before they disappeared.

“They are the pride and joy of our doctors,” said Bennett.

The clinic said the two dogs were found Wednesday afternoon. Their conditions are unknown.

As the water recedes, first responders are reminding people to be aware of the dangers that follow storms. If you come across high water, they recommend turning around and finding an alternate route.

“A lot of times people will underestimate it and slip and fall into the water and then it turns into a person that we have to rescue, and it puts out lives in danger too,” said Spring.