SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) — Road projects are underway across Spartanburg as a part of the county’s resurfacing program.

“Once we’re done, you won’t even recognize the roads, you’ll be surprised to see what a change these projects make,” said Sherry Wright, the county’s pavement program manager.

On Wednesday, drivers could see crews working along Kist Road.

“We are doing a corridor improvement that will include a bridge replacement and widening; we’re widening some places up to 22 feet from 18,” said Wright.

This is one of many projects in the county’s resurfacing program, which is targeting more than 180 high traffic roads.

“It benefits anybody that lives along that corridor, uses the corridor to go to work or to get from one side to get to the other side,” said Wright. “It’s a big project, and we’re spending about $21 million on this year’s program.”

Wright said they consider several factors, including average daily traffic and congestion, to determine which roads would be improved.

“The condition of the roads is determined not by people, it’s really determined by a software that we use,” said Wright.

She said safety is a top priority too.

“The main focus is going to be safety, when we widen the roads that have really been very narrow and hard to pass, we give people opportunity and room to have a safety shoulder,” said Wright.

She said crews will work on the Kist Road project until it wraps up in early December. She said roadway improvements extend the road’s life by 20 years. She asks drivers to be patient and mindful of crews as they work.

“Be patient. It will be worth it, it will be worth it,” said Wright.

Wright also said as early as next week, crews will start on another project along Clark Road near Inman.

People can learn more about the county’s resurfacing program and see which roads are a part of it.