GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Crime Stoppers of Greenville held an awards ceremony honoring fallen officers and officers who exemplify what it means to serve and protect the community.

“Every day when they put that uniform on and go out, they don’t know if they are coming home or not,” former Crime Stoppers president Rick Woodall said.

James Russell Sorrow was killed in the line of duty in September of 1996. More than two decades later, an award has been given in his memory.

This year, two individuals received the award, Deputy Jonathan Hill of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office and Lance Corporal Devin Kugler of South Carolina Highway Patrol.

“To me, it’s a prestigious award,“ Kugler said. “Especially for this man (Deputy Hill), he saved my life on October 16th.”

Kugler was hit by a car during a traffic stop in 2022 and was left with life threatening injuries.

Crime Stoppers of Greenville acknowledged the mental and physical scars Kugler endures while still serving his community.

“I was just an extra set of hands there that day between EMS and the fire department and hospital,” Hill said. “The Lord was definitely working that night to have all the resources there to give the best outcome we could.”

Hill helped save Kugler. In addition to serving in law enforcement, Hill is also a certified registered nurse.

Earlier this year, he stepped in once again to save a 6-year old who was injured in a drive-by shooting.

“He continued to treat the child in the ambulance all the way to the hospital,” Crime Stoppers Volunteers said. “His efforts saved this young child’s life.”

One more award was given at the ceremony, The Shield Award. It recognizes a law enforcement officer’s long-term service on and off the job.

Senior Special Agent Eldon McCraw, Jr., with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, received the award. McCraw, also known as “Spike” is often called upon for investigative guidance from all departments in the state. He most recently served on a technical investigative team in the Alex Murdaugh case.

“Spike has many outstanding qualities but the most impressive has nothing to do with his badge and his gun,” Crime Stoppers volunteers said. “It is his leadership at home and in his career.”

See the full list of previous award recipients below.

Past Russ Sorrow Award recipients

Bill CadyGCSOJames TuckerDHS
Bob GambleGPDAntonio BaileyGCSO
Jeff KindleySLEDRobert ScottFBI
Rob ChenowethGPDJeremy JonesGCSO
Myron AldermanGPDMichelle LentzGPD
Tom TroupGPDKeith MoorecraftSPD
Paul JacobsFBIMike NicolsonUSPIS
Jim BurrisGCSOJay RajaeeDEA
Eric LewisGPDErik BryantGPD
Stacey OwensGPDRebecca WinsteadSCDPS
Dale ArterburnGreer PDConley JumperGCSO
Tonya EvaninaGPDJonathan BastoniGCSO
Ty MillerGCSOJustin JanickeGPD
John GarrettGCSOMark HardenGCSO
Donny WidmerTRPDColin PierceGCSO
Rick FloydGPDDan KoblerTRPD
John GardnerTRPD

Past Shield Award recipients

Ben SandersGPDC.D. TerrySCDPS
Cornelius SterlingSCPPPSRobert HamodFBI
Brad LuskGPDBennie DurhamGCSO