SIX MILE, S.C. (WSPA) – Customers in parts of the Upstate are being asked to reduce their water usage due to a water main break.

Greenville Water and Six Mile Water District are asking customers to refrain from irrigating lawns and gardens for the next few days.

Jeffery Phillips, with Greenville Water, said the cause of the 72-inch water main break is still under investigation.

The water main broke near the Adkins Water Treatment Facility on Friday, according to Greenville Water.

The water district said repairs to the main should return water pressure back to normal by Tuesday or Wednesday, at the latest.

“We filled up our tanks, we drained the line, we isolated the line, we drained it off and at that point we start cutting into the line then took out the old section of pipe and have been replacing the pipes since then in stages,” said Phillips.

Phillips said crews are three-quarters of the way through the repair work and a new part is en route to the facility.

Because of the issues with water, Daniel High School, R.C. Edwards Middle School, Six Mile Elementary School, and Project GO shifted to eLearning Monday.

“You can’t serve lunches and operate restrooms and there’s just so much that depends on those utilities in order to function with thousands of students coming to school so we just we needed to make that decision yesterday,” said Darian Byrd, School District of Pickens County.

The district said eLearning allows students to still learn without having to make up the day later on.

“They have five days to make up the work from that day because we understand there’s sometimes there’s families that won’t be able to be there with their child or they may have to go to work within the one of the parents or something like that. We need to give them time to be able to make that work up, so we were very flexible with that,” said Byrd.

The district said the affected schools except for Six Mile Elementary and Project GO are planned to return to in-person learning on Tuesday.