GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – The Upstate is a pretty popular place to ride your bike on the trails or roads, but there is some danger to cycling.

Aaron Dodd was 33-years-old.

As we previously reported, the Anderson County Coroner’s Office said he died Wednesday after he was hit by a car while riding his bike on Beaverdam Road, Monday morning.

Robert Bailey said he’s lucky to be alive after he also got hit riding in 2021.

“I collided with the truck since I didn’t have time to stop and spent four days in the hospital and it was about 12 weeks before I could get back on the road,” Bailey said.

South Carolina Highway Patrol said there have been eight bicycle collision deaths so far this year.

Highway Patrol said there were nine last year.

Bailey said that number should be zero.

“We’re all special to somebody. We’re a father, son, mother, aunt, grandmother. Just like everybody else, we just want to get home safely,” Bailey said.

Advocates for cycling safety said crashes like this can be avoided.

“You got to be seen,” said Tate Putnam, co-owner of Reedy Rides. “Reflective wear is very helpful, lights hit the reflective, clothing or bands or vests and you’re able to be seen.”

For drivers, there are also responsibilities.

“Just be aware, put down your phones while you’re driving and exercise a little bit more patience and grace while they’re out there. Typically, in my experience, if a motorist allows two to five seconds more, they can pass safely,” Bailey said.

Cyclists in the Upstate are also urging fellow bikers to use the app called Bikemap. It allows cyclists to report places that may be dangerous to ride.