SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – A local Sons of Confederate Veterans group is appealing a violation it received for a flagpole on property located in Spartanburg County.

The group received a notice of violation more than two weeks ago. It listed Thursday, November 10, as the deadline for compliance for flagpole and said it had to be lowered or taken down.

The flagpole waved a Confederate flag last month that caught the attention of drivers along I-85 in Spartanburg. It has since been swapped with a South Carolina State Flag.

County leaders said the flag itself was not illegal, but said the height of the flagpole violated the 1999 land use ordinance because there is no home or building located on the property.

County leaders said the property owners are appealing the violation, and said they will have to wait until the appeal heard before taking any additional steps.

According to the county website, the Board of Zoning Appeals meets on Tuesday, November 29.

7NEWS reached out to a lawyer representing the Sons of Confederate Veterans group, but did not hear back.