RUTHERFORD COUNTY, N.C. (WSPA) – A investigation is underway after a missing woman was found dead in Rutherford County.

According to the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office, Tracey Leigh Thompson was reported missing by her family on December 28, 2022.

On Sunday, deputies responded to the 100 blocks of Kristins Place in Bostic, in reference to the body of Thompson being found near her residence by family members.

“She was reported missing by her nephew on the afternoon of December 28th,” said Sergeant Jimmy Upton, Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office. “She had actually walked off the residence after a little argument with her nephew around 2:30 that morning and from that point they hadn’t heard from her, so they reported her missing that afternoon.”

That’s when Sergeant Upton said the investigation started.

“Once we got the report, and it came to us, we checked all the Facebook to see if there was any inclination showing where she went to, we spoke to some friends, we did speak to the, I guess you would call him estranged husband,” said Upton. “He is the one who actually called the nephew that night and said he thought she might harm herself.”

Sergeant Upton said it was when her relatives called, that they were able to find her body.

“When they went to go take out some trash outside the residence to an old truck that they put trash on and then that’s when they found her body.”

Sergeant Upton said too often they have been receiving calls about missing people. Now, he’s urging the community to take action.

“We do get missing persons a lot mostly it’s juveniles but if you think someone is threatening to harm themself and they leave, call right away,” said Upton. “Not several hours later, call us right away.”

Deputies said this is an active investigation, but they do not believe foul play is involved at this time.