GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office said that they responded to a home for a domestic disturbance and arrested one person regarding the incident.

Johny Hall, a neighbor, said that he witnessed the whole incident from the comfort of his front porch, “just sitting here watching it all day long and they kept telling us two to three different times we need to go in the house.”

Right across the street from Hall, Greenville County Deputies and SWAT team members swarmed a mobile home on Odom Circle Sunday evening, after a call about a domestic situation.

“I saw about every Greenville County Police over here on this road right across there,” Hall said. “The police tried to get him to come out, but he never would come out. They went in there with the gas, gassed the house, and ran a dog in there. They were all up in the yard here. I don’t know I counted probably 20 to 25 carloads of police.”

The sheriff’s office said the man in custody barricaded himself inside with other people. Investigators believe he was armed with a knife.

“They shot gas in the house to get him to come out, but he never did come out they bombed that house probably 4 different times with gas that I know of.”

Eventually, deputies found the suspect, in a crawl space underneath the mobile home.

“This cat comes out from under the house,” Hall said. “You could see him coming out from under the house right here.”

That’s when he was taken into custody, deputies said that the people inside the house with him are safe.

Hall added that’s the ending he was hoping for, “I would say about four, five hours it finally came to an end and it was a good ending that no one got hurt.”

Video of suspect surrendering to SWAT at barricade scene on Odom Circle (Source: Jacob Hall)