GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Deputies with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office are monitoring an Upstate highway.

Deputies are conducting intensified traffic enforcement on Highway 25, targeting speeding, aggressive driving, improper lane changes and following too closely.

“Highway 25 is a very busy roadway,” Jeremt Holt with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office said. “From the time the sun comes up to the time the sun goes down there are many motors that travel up and down that particular corridor and roadway.”

According to the sheriff’s office, these efforts come in response to continuous complaints regarding speeding and collision on both north and southbound lanes of Highway 25.

“Sheriff Hobart Lewis communicated that the mission here is simple; reduce collisions, collision related incidents, and any motor vehicle violations that may occur,” Holt said.

The rise in such dangerous driving behaviors poses a significant threat to the lives and property of our community members but can also contribute to road rage incidents, which we have seen too often, the sheriff’s office said.

Deputies encourage all drivers to exercise caution, obey posted speed limits and adhere to all traffic laws while traveling on Highway 25 and throughout Greenville County.

“Part of that aspect of protecting life and property is driving safely. We understand that people who commute throughout Greenville County they have places they need to go,” Holt said. “The only thing we ask is that they drive safely.”

The sheriff’s office asks anyone who witnesses drivers operating in an unsafe manner to call 911.