CLEMSON, S.C. (WSPA) — The City of Clemson is looking to transform its uptown neighborhood.

At a recent city council work session, developer Core Spaces presented its plans to council members. The proposed multi-use development, called “Hub Clemson,” would be located near Abernathy Waterfront Park between U.S. Highway 123 and College Avenue. It would include a hotel, office space, apartments and townhomes. The housing would be available to students and non-students.

“There is a demand in this city for housing that is rental for people that are not students – young families, professors who are coming in for two or three years and people who don’t want to buy a home,” City Council Member Lillian Boatwright said during the meeting.

The development also includes space for shops and restaurants.

Abernathy Waterfront Park would be expanded into a “cascading terrace lawn” that overlooks Lake Hartwell. The park would have athletic courts and space to host farmers markets, movie nights and other events.

“This is going to be what we want our residents to call the city center,” City Council Member Catherine Watt said. “We want them to come down here for concerts, to have dinner and to hang out with friends. We’re hoping to maybe have a way to rent boats and take boats out. It really will be a multi-purpose space that is for residents and everybody to enjoy.”

Core Spaces is working with the city to finalize a design. Once the project is approved, they will begin making plans to begin construction.

“They’re giving us roughly a 30-month time period,” Watt said. “I would say, with weather, that’s probably more like 36 months. That’s to transform this entire area.”