GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)- Many South Carolinians have questions about the state hospitals and distribution sites are in when it comes to the vaccine.

Wednesday, DHEC met to bring clarification to the public.

It’s been just several weeks since the vaccine touched ground in South Carolina.

Since then thousands of health care workers and folks 70 and older have gotten their shot.

However, as more and more appointments are being made, some pressing concerns have been brought to light.

Wednesday, Public health directors for South Carolina’s Department of Health and Environmental Control, addressed some of those concerns.

DHEC’s interim public health director, Dr. Brannon Traxler says, “South Carolina continues to receive about 63,000 doses of vaccine each week.”

However, even as high as that number sounds, she says, “We continue to have more appointments scheduled than doses available.”

The question is whether South Carolina is getting short changed for the number of doses they’re receiving.

Dr. Traxler explained, “South Carolina is receiving it’s fair and appropriate allocation. It’s important to understand why our allocations appear lower is because the doses distributed on that vaccine date tracker only includes the doses shipped to states and to the pharmacies.”

Dr. Traxler says the lag in vaccination appointments is expected to improve.

“There have been instances where there has been vaccine not getting into arms immediately and there has been miscommunications, misunderstandings between the hospitals at times,” Dr. Traxler said. “Those have all been clarified. We are now seeing every dose get rapidly taken up.”

The next phase of vaccine distribution depends on factors like availability and the size of the population.

Dr. Traxler says right now, they’re not looking ahead to Phase 1b quite yet.

She says, “At this time we anticipate our allocation from the federal government will remain the same for the foreseeable future, but we are hopeful that in the not too distant future they’ll be additional vaccines coming on board and/or increases in the production and allocations.”

A lot of people in that 1a Phase group have had trouble making a vaccine appointment.

DHEC says they’re very aware and are working on developing a new vaccine only public call center for any questions you may have.