SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Spartanburg County residents will have even more access to health services. The Department of Health and Environmental Control held an open house for their new health department.

The new facility, located on Dillon Drive, has been a project years in the making. Officials said with how big the county is growing, they outgrew their old facility.

They will be able to serve more people in their new place.

“We can have more staff and provide more services, that’s going to decrease our wait times, and it’s going to make sure that the people of Spartanburg County have all the different services they need,” said Dr. Edward Simmer, DHEC director.

Doctors said they will be able to meet residents’ needs for several years to come.

“We’re very excited that we’ve got a more modern facility and one that is really more conducive to the needs of our communities, our clients, today, and into the future,” said Dr. Kandi Fredere.

The facility has 28 clinicians ready to help serve the community.

Dr. Simmer said the services they provide are not readily available everywhere and are provided at little to no cost.

 “Providing nutritional benefits to new moms and their babies. Also, helping do screenings for newborn disorders, we provide sexually transmitted diseases services, we provide prep services to prevent HIV,” he said.

“Our women’s, infant, and children’s services, a fantastic program there for our community. As well as our integrated services within our preventive health clinics,” said Dr. Fredere.

Vaccinations are also provided.

“Vaccinations are available here for a number of different disorders. If you have a child that needs their school vaccinations, we can often do that,” said Dr. Simmer.

Dr. Kandi Fredere said their staff doesn’t just stay within the walls of the building.

“We have newborn visit staff, who are going out into homes visiting moms and babies,” said Dr. Fredere.

The goal: helping to keep the community as healthy as possible.

Right across the street from the new facility is vital records, 118 Dillon Drive, where you can get copies of birth or death certificates.

To make an appointment at the health department, call 864-596-2227.