GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)- Tony Childress, a 36-year-old veteran who served in the Air Force, had his life change forever when he was diagnosed with stage 4 multiple sclerosis.

Kathy Childress, is his mother and caretaker.

“It’s very difficult. It takes time to get him ready, and we’ve had problems with my car and his wheelchair,” Childress said.

Kathy has been driving a small Honda Civic, which she said makes transportation difficult for them.

“We have fallen several times outside trying to get him inside my car,” Childress said.

However, Tuesday morning, they received a gift that will help make their lives a little easier.

“Tony and Kathy have really received a gift from everybody that is going to drastically change their lives,” said Todd Carpenter, Special Forces Association Chapter 363.

Through a community-wide fundraiser sponsored by Geico and Caliber Collision, they were given a wheelchair-accessible van with a ramp, so Kathy won’t have to lift her son to get him into a vehicle.

“Now we can just ride. We can pull it on in there and just go,” Childress said.

Kathy said the part of this gift that stood out to her, was that the people who gave them the van didn’t even know them but chose to bless them.

“God has been good to us. Abundantly so. Just keep the faith. Keep the faith. There are people out there willing to help you no matter what,” Childress said.

Special Forces Association Chapter 363 was also able to help the Childress family making parts of their home more wheelchair accessible.