GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – As air polluted by Canadian wildfires filters into the Upstate and Western North Carolina, local doctors urge caution.

Dr. Jason Gosnell, a physician with AFC Urgent Care – Bon Secours, said the particles are irritating for many people but are especially harmful to those with underlying health concerns like asthma, COPD and severe allergies.

Individuals suffering from such health concerns are encouraged to stay inside as air quality remains poor.

Masks, he said, will not protect from the pollution.

“The problem with this situation is it’s all throughout the air column,” Gosnell said. “There are so many different ways those particles can get around even a relatively tight-fitting mask.”

Even individuals not suffering from aforementioned respiratory complications can suffer from the poor air quality, Gosnell said. Allergy-like symptoms are common during hazy conditions.

If you are experiencing difficulty breathing, doctors encourage you to seek medical care immediately.