LAURENS COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – There was a heated school board meeting in Laurens County on Monday night. Dozens of community members are calling for the resignation of District 55’s chairperson.

The meeting for the board of trustees drew a large, and passionate crowd. People were speaking out for the chairperson, Cathy Little, to resign and be removed.

Community members 7NEWS spoke with said they were upset over rumors that claim Little wanted Superintendent, Dr. Ameca Thomas, to be removed.

“You have no reason to take this woman’s position, she’s doing a great job. Her reviews speak for themselves,” said Monica West, a concerned parent.

They said, they wanted to understand why.

“You give us a reason, that reason makes sense, then okay. No reason and it seems to be picking, a lot of people have said it’s racially provoked. Give us a reason, talk to us,” said West.

“That was my first question when I heard, what has she done for someone to want to get rid of her? With them giving us no information, it really left us to speculate,” said concerned parent/grandparent, Tiffany Williams-Greene.

No action was taken regarding Thomas’s position. Her contract is set to expire in 2026.

“As a parent in the district, I want fairness,” said West. “If the people that we have chosen and elected to stand in a gap for our children, if they can’t be fair to our superintendent, what can they teach our children?”

Little has not confirmed nor denied her dissatisfaction with Thomas.

During the meeting, community members passed out a petition they created, asking for the immediate resignation or removal of the board chair. Community activists said they already have over 150 signatures.

The petition lists many reasons they’re asking for Little to resign or be removed. They said her behavior has become obstructive and has a negative impact on the board and its relationship with the community.

Little did address the crowd, only to say the board does not address public comment.

The crowd erupted in shouts demanding Little resign or be moved. The entire auditorium was filled with the voices of the community.

The board ended the public comment by voting to go into executive session during all the shouting.

7NEWS did reach out to all the board members, including Little and Thomas. We have not yet heard back.

Community activists said people can also sign the petition online. They are updating the link for people to sign. We will update when the link becomes available.