SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – This is the second winter storm from the Upstate has seen this week. Master Trooper Mitchell Ridgeway has a warning: watch out for ice.

“If you reduce your speed, especially under the speed limit, you know 30/35 miles an hour, your chance of being involved in an incident due to ice goes down drastically,” said Master Trooper Ridgeway.

Logan Weathersby said he’s planning to stay at home.

“We did most of our stuff earlier, so I think the rest of the time is to get in and stay warm,” he said.

Especially because there are some back roads he needs to take to get home.

“That road is so terrible, because there’s a very short bridge and it’s just covered in trees. So, those two combinations along with icy weather, it doesn’t work out,” said Weathersby.

Lexi Wright said she, too, is planning on staying off the roads.

“I try to stay in, it’s warm, safe, and off the roads,” said Wright.

She said she doesn’t have a car built to handle icy weather conditions.

“Be mindful, there are people out there without cars equipped for this kind of weather,” she said.

Master Trooper Ridgeway said if you have to travel, make sure to take it slowly,

“The worst thing you can possibly do is be running the speed limit, and then all of a sudden you see that ice, you hit the ice, you panic, you slam the brakes. Then, the next thing you know, you’re doing a 360-degree spin off the road,” said Ridgway.

He also said to make sure your car is in good condition.

“Make sure your vehicle is in good condition, the vehicle’s tire tread, especially. Because that’s your contact to the road, with your vehicle. So, you want to have good traction,” he said.

Master Trooper Ridgeway said people need to use extra caution when going over any overpasses, bridges, or secondary roads.