GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA)- Duke Energy customers in the Upstate could soon see an increase on their monthly bill after they made their annual filing on July 29 with the Public Service Commission of South Carolina (PSCSC).

Once the PSCSC reviews and approves the annual filing, customers will see an increase of $15.75 on their monthly bill, said Spokesperson Ryan Mosier.

According to Duke Energy, a typical customer would see their monthly payment go from $119.32 to $135.07.

Mosier said the annual adjustment is making up for the rising cost of fuel used to power South Carolina homes and businesses.

The increase is not permanent, said Mosier, some years the rates decrease and customers get money back but this year, fuel costs increased payments.

Mosier said, the cost for all fuels including nuclear, renewable, hydro and natural gas all increased.

In some cases, Duke Energy would use one energy source more if another’s price were to increase.

Duke Energy offers tips and assistance for customers struggling to pay their bills.