EASLEY, S.C. (WSPA) — Dozens of residents filled Easley’s city council chambers and lobby Monday night as city council prepared to vote on ordinances that would annex nearly 100 acres of land into the city.

“What is happening in Easley is not progress,” said one resident. “It is a nightmare. Enough is enough.”

The property is located at the intersection of Brown Drive and Sheriff Mill Road and would be annexed from Pickens and Anderson County.

Residents are concerned that if council votes to annex the property, they will consider a proposal to build single family homes there.

“No one wants more development in Easley,” said the resident. “I have had several people tell me they plan to sell their homes and move out of Easley because they can’t stand to live here anymore.”

In the last three weeks, more than 1,000 residents have signed a petition, all saying they do not want the land to be turned into new homes.

Some residents worry development and construction will harm the environment.

“Farms are being destroyed with flooding,” said Kelsey Crooks. “Ponds are being destroyed. There’s no answer. There’s no accountability. There’s no responsibility.”

Meanwhile, others are concerned about how growth will affect nearby schools.

“Easley High School cannot handle any more students,” said an Easley High School student. “The student population keeps getting larger while the staff and administration do not.”

City Council listened as residents lined up to speak. Councilmember Denise Davidson said growth is needed to sustain the city, but she continued to encourage residents to speak out.

“I think that the power is in the hands of the people, and they need to come out, speak and voice their concerns about issues facing the city,” said Davidson.

In a unanimous vote, city council decided to delay voting on the ordinance. They have up to 160 days to revisit it. In that time, council members said they will review and adopt a new zoning ordinance.