SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – This Easter Sunday might look more familiar than it has in the past few years.

The pastor at Bethel United Methodist, in Spartanburg, said the easing of COVID-19 protocols has allowed a crowd full of faces, once again.

“We’re just so thankful to be able to celebrate in person this year,” said Beth Martin.

“It’s really special. We’ve waited for this for a while,” said Brad Gray.

With COVID-19 restrictions dwindling, Pastor Brad Gray said the church is starting to come back to life.

“There’s nothing like having a large crowd there, the energy feeds off itself. They love being together and being present with each other,” said Gray.

He said having a big crowd helps with energy and delivering the message. Though things are looking more normal, he tells us they still have precautions in place.

“We’ve kept some parameters in place, in order to protect those who are vulnerable among us,” he said.

For the first time in a few years, Gray said the pews will be full on Easter Sunday.

“It’s been since 20-19 of Easter that we are anticipating a crowd like we will see today,” said Gray.

The church held a contemporary and traditional service on Sunday, with a worship hall full of faces. Terry Troutt, with the church, has been attending for around 20 years.

“We’re really looking forward to Easter celebration. This is the first time that we have been full congregation for both our contemporary worship, also our traditional worship,” said Troutt.

He said when COVID first started, the church was completely virtual.

“Now, we’re getting back to what we call normal,” he said.

Now, people are thankful to be back.

“Just to worship and give praise and honor to God, in person and not remotely, on Zoom is just not the same,” said congregation member, Beth Martin.

Gray said everyone has a story to share with others and he’s happy every pew can be filled this Easter.