ANDERSON COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA)–Some employees at Electrolux in Anderson County said there are problems with their paychecks, and they’ve had trouble getting answers.

The employees that 7News spoke to said they haven’t received their full paychecks in about two weeks.

“I have bills that haven’t been paid in two weeks just because my checks haven’t been here,” one woman said.

The woman, who wants to remain anonymous, said she’s missing a check for 43 hours worked, along with her holiday pay.

“I’m missing my payroll,” the woman said. “So the week of the 13th through the 17th I haven’t received my payment yet. The week before that I was missing 8 hours on a Saturday; they paid me that, and that was it. I done reached out to everyone in the building, I haven’t received an answer. I went up there and they wouldn’t see me. I called corporate [and] corporate did not answer the telephone.”

The company released this statement on Monday about a Kronos ransomware attack.

“Kronos, our time clock supplier, is experiencing a global systems issue and is working to address it as quickly as possible. Upon learning this news, we immediately moved to manually recording employee work hours at the factory to ensure our employees are accurately paid, including overtime.”

Electrolux North America

Some employees we spoke to believe somehow this process is messing up their pay.

“We had to manually do it on a piece of paper and write everybody’s names down, and what time they came in and what time they left. And therefore there was a big mistake and nobody really got paid the amount they [were] supposed to get paid as far as the hours that they worked,” claims Tarsha Wideman, an employee. “I don’t know [if it was] HR that wasn’t doing their job or the supervisors, but from my understanding the supervisors that’s over each department [are] supposed to do their job as far as taking the attendance.”

We asked Electrolux if there are issues with paychecks, although time is being recorded manually. An Electrolux representative didn’t answer.

Wideman said she’s a team lead at Electrolux.

“The first time that the system messed up I only got a third of what I supposed to get paid, because I worked a total of 70 hours and I only got paid for 54. And then two days later they tried to pay me eight hours, and I still haven’t got paid for those eight hours,” she explained. “And then the pay that came up from last week, which was Christmas pay, I got zero hours. So they actually paid me zero hours and I’m not even understanding how that can be and that wasn’t even over $100.”

Wideman said she was able to save money before this happened.

“I’m one of those single mothers who always try to save from week to week, so I’m blessed that I did have money for the holidays. And with me being a single mother I have to make sure I have a certain amount in my account,” she said.

“So it was difficult and it’s still difficult now because they just now coming today, trying to say that they’re putting the money into our accounts and to me it’s like they didn’t have any sympathy for us because they knew it was the holidays. So my heart goes out to those who were really depending on that check, the ones that didn’t save anything,” Wideman added.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Wideman said she finally got a response back from the company.

“I had one of the ladies from HR call me. She told me that my pay should be arriving and that they’re working on everybody’s pay as fast as they could and they was trying to get everybody paid by the 31st.”

But another woman claims the company hasn’t given her any update.

“I done left voicemail, no one has returned my calls or none of that,” she said.

Wideman hopes the company comes up with a backup plan for the future.

“I know they’re trying to get us paid. But I’m just thinking a corporation that’s that big, they should’ve had some kind of backup plan as far as trying to get everybody paid.”

7News reached out to Electrolux to see how long they anticipate the issues to last, and to get more answers from those concerned, but we’re still waiting on a response.