SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. – An employee and two customers held a shoplifting suspect with a box cutter at gunpoint Tuesday evening at gunpoint.

According to the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded at 7:18 p.m. to Family Dollar located at 460 Spring Street in reference to a disturbance with weapons.

Once deputies arrived at the scene, they came in contact with a man who had his gun drawn at the front entrance of the store.

He told deputies that a man, later identified as 56-year-old Karim Hudani was on the other side of the door in possession of a knife and was trying to cut people.

Deputies told Hudani to exit the store. Deputies struggled to get Hudani to comply but they eventually placed him into custody.

While investigating deputies spoke with a Family Dollar employee who said he saw Hudani place store items in his jacket. When the employee asked Hudani to put the items back he said okay.

The employee said Hudani started heading toward the front of the store without putting the items back.

As the employee was calling his manager, they all ended up at the front of the store. Hudani attempted to walk out of the doors but the employee stopped him by closing the doors.

That’s when Hudani pulled out a box cutter and stated he would cut people, according to the incident report.

The employee said he and a customer were able to take Hudani to the ground and take the box cutter away from him.

Deputies then spoke to the customer who helped. He said he heard an altercation taking place at the front of the store. He heard the employee close the door so he went up there.

That is when the customer said Hudani pulled out the box cutter.

The customer said he grabbed Hudani’s wrist, but Hudani continued to struggle with the employee and customer. That’s when the customer pinned him against the door and took him to the ground.

The customer said he put his knee on Hudani’s back while the employee took the box cutter out of his hand.

He was charged with three counts of first-degree assault and battery, armed robbery, and possession of a weapon during a violent crime and taken to the Spartanburg County Detention Center.